Background – some highlights

1957 Born in Arild, Sweden
1965 Start playing drums studying with Sune Påhlsson
1967 Also start studying percussion with Sune Påhlsson
1968 First band Ananas with Jonas Warnerbring
1970 Start playing with rockband Nederlaget
1975 Move to Helsingborg, work in Hagströms music shop
1976 Start playing with Macbeth & Tomas Franck
1976 Start playing with Anders Neglin in Alpacca
1976 First gigs with Helsingborg symphony orchestra, also teaching & playing at Helsinborg theater
1976 Play with Nordic youth orchestra meeting Håkan Hardenberg & Mats Rondin
1976 Move to Malmö, start studying percussion at Malmö academy of music
1976 – 1981 Study with Bent Lylloff & Ed Thigpen
1977 First gigs with Malmö symphony orchestra
1977 Start with jazz group Equinox with Tomas Franck & Håkan Broström, lasts 7 years
1977 Start playing with Malmö percussion ensemble
1977 Play short period with Mikael Wiehe & Kabaretorkestern
1977 Touring in US with Malmö percussion ensemble, Drinking tea with John Cage
1977 – 1983 1:st call in both Helsingborg & Malmös symphony orchestras
1978 Tours with Malmö percussion ensemble & Equinox
1978 Malmö percussion ensemble soloists with Warsaw philharmonic, meet Xenakis
1979 Start playing with Helge Albins quartet and “Mulle” Holmqvists band Storm
1979 – 1983 busy gigging with several bands and orchestras
1981 Get Malmö academy of music’s biggest scholarship
1981 Finish academy studies, go to New York to study with Buster Bailey
1981 Start own group – the Grand Band – writes most material
1981 Plays shortly with Jonas Hellborg Band
1981 Plays shortly with Tolvan bigband, gigs with Norrköping Symphony orchestra
1981 6 months gig as principal percussionist in Malmö symphony orchestra
1982 Play at Grand Bar in Malmö with Kenny Drew, Sahib Shihab, Ernie Wilkins & others
1983 Most busy day with 7 gigs and 3 rehearsals
1983 Play in septet with Tim Hagans among others, also trio with Rolf Nilsson
1983 Play Bartok sonata & Steve Reich with Hans Påhlsson, Amalie Malling & Lennart Gruvstedt
1983 Play gigs with Lars Jansson & Uffe Wakenius
1983 Move to Copenhagen, start playing with Tivoli big band & Harmoniorkestret
1983 Start playing jazz trio regularly at Ole Nézers pianobar with Richard Boone & others
1984 Start playing with Tomas Franck again in his quartet
1985 Play trio concert with Håkan Hardenberger & Mats Rondin (9 years after first talking about it)
1985 – 1986 Playing on 2 around the world cruises on Sagafjord (cruise ship of the year)
1986 Gig with Copenhagen royal opera orchestra & Pierre Boulez
1986 Quit Tivoli gig and start playing with several jazz groups
1986 US tour with Copenhagen new percussion ensemble, also soloist on tour
1987 Play gig with Arne Domnerus, Rune Gustavsson & Bengt Hallberg
1989 2:nd busiest musician at Copenhagen jazz festival – 19 gigs in 1 week
1989 Start gigging with Danish radio “Underholdningsorkestret”
1989 Concerts & TV-shows comping Pavarotti, Carola, Sissel Kyrkjebø, Michaela Petri & others
1989 Start in Finn Zieglers quartet also gigs with Putte Wickman, Doug Rainey & Bernt Rosengren
1989 – 1992 Playing with many great Danish & American jazz musicians
1989 – 1992 Playing with several Danish symphony orchestras when Jazz drummer is needed
1991 Start playing in Cecilie Norbys band & Anna-Lena Laurins band with Anders Bergcrantz
1992 Decide to take a long vacation, move to Arild (actually never start playing again)
1992 Start more seriously with composition having many talks with my uncle composer Erik Jørgensen
1992 First computer – Atari with sequencer Logic
1995 Move to Gotland – first Macintosh computer
1995 Start studying composition with Sven-David Sandström at Gotland School of Music Composition
1995 Start long time friendship with Silver, a gray male cat
1996 Receive Malmöhus läns landstings culture price
1997 Start working at Gotland School of Music Composition
2000 Start working as studio manager at Visby International Centre for Composers
2006 Getting married to Mirjam
2007 50 years

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